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The Tufts Management School 100% online programs are designed as a fast track degree pathway for busy executives. Established with business and management focus we serve the top class of the society with a world class depth in quality of learning and certification.

Tufts Management School established as a non-profit educational institution with the core values of professionalism, innovation, wit and quality. TMS is an accredited institution of the Qualifi, ATHE and OTHM United Kingdom, also in a global partnership with GAU, a university in Cyprus. We offer executive education, accreditation courses and degree pathway programs. Busy executives can now have a degree while they work and study with a flexible integrated learning platform.

Our programs are globally recognised as our accrediting organisations are regulated by Ofqual of the United Kingdom, thereby giving us leverage, also with issuing universities as top ranked U.K. institutions.

100% Online Degree Pathway Program

  • MBA – General
  • MA Human Resource Management
  • MBA Finance
  • MSc. Accounting and Finance
  • MSc. Organisational Leadership
  • MSc Management
  • MSc International Business Management
  • MSc International Management
  • Master of Business

To sign up for the program

  • Fill application form
  • Pay application fee ₦50,000
  • Submit Credentials for evaluation
  • Pay tuition
  • Submit international data page
  • Submit passport photo
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Program Design
The Qualification
Entry Requirement
Academic Support

    The first sets of modules will be taken online with concluding assignments for assessment issuing a level 7 certificate for MBA or MSc top up program with our partner Universities. Duration is 3 to 6 months.

    The final stage (top-up) includes a project work only (with 1 or 2 modules where applicable) to complete your degree through the top up program. Duration is 4 to 6 months.

    100% online program with 24/7 support from international and local team

    This route gives flexible learning time, periodic webinar with international faculties, affordability and a guarantee success rate in record time.

For Who?

This program is designed with professionals and adult learners like to retain their job while pursuing an international degree in mind. Professionals who are in a distant location across the world from Tufts Management School campus can earn a degree through this 100% online degree pathway platform.

All program and support are rendered online with the best of research focused lecturers to achieve your desired academic goals within record time.

Core of this program is focused to immediately enhance your present job and deliver an additional degree for a reputable top university, within the shortest possible time.

Top executives aspiring a second degree without or without a first degree cam approach our admission team for a discussion and enrolment. Our structure is flexible to assist with the uniqueness of each applicant and treat each application on a case by case basis.

The qualification is to develop strategic management and leadership skills for managers who have the authority and unique personal attributes to translate organisational strategy into effective operational performance. This qualification reflects current practice in Strategic Management and Leadership, it allows learners to develop and expand their high-level understanding of strategic management and leadership in the workplace. This qualification is suitable for mature learners with a background in academic study or industry also. The qualification has a clear work-related emphasis on practical skills development alongside theoretical fundamentals.

Successful completion of the Level 7 PGD in Strategic Management and Leadership qualification will equip learners with the key skills and capabilities to become an effective strategic manager. The qualification also allows learners to progress into or within employment and/or continue their study towards a master’s with advanced standing.

Basic requirement is a first degree and other certification, if other form of certificate kindly speak with admission officer.

  • ATHE Postgraduate Level 7 diploma
  • OTHM Postgraduate Level 7 diploma
  • Qualifi Postgraduate Level 7 diploma
  • Mature learners (over 21) with management experience (learners must submit a resume and career development courses)
  • BSc, BBA, OND / HND

Our team of lecturers facilitate learning through periodic webinars. Our learners can access resource library for their research project with the support of our research focused lecturers we assure all learners of 100% academic support toward successful completion of the program.

We pride ourselves in the depth of knowledge and dissemination of the same, leading our learners to achieve success smoothly within record time.

Online learners are charged on extra case by case tutor support if not within the scope of learning such as private online or contact tutor support on research work, resit for failed courses and assignment pre-assessment.

Our master’s degree pathway program are have different qualification routes which also specify the curriculum and details of the preferred degree by learners.

Click to see curriculum and qualification structure below.

Benefits of studying with Tufts Management School

  • Flexible study time (at your pace).
  • Quality learning and network.
  • Top globally ranked British degree.
  • 12 months MBA degree (with graduation in the United Kingdom)
  • Flexible payment plan available.
  • Flexible program for busy executives (100% assignment based evaluation)

Each student will have access to an online learning porter and can begin learning immediately payment is confirmed.

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Mode of Learning

Online Learning Platform



Learning Platform

This is a 100% online learning package. Each learner will have access to an online learning porter and can begin learning immediately payment is confirmed.

Periodic webinars will be arranged with both local and international faculties as we have faculties from different locations across the world.

Learners can engage both in real time interaction with the lecturers and other learners on the platform for cross fertilisation of ideas, also help strengthen the learning community.

Extra case by case tutor support is available.

Certificate issued

    Each of the module studied / completed online has an auto generated certificate, showing your progress in acquiring a pathway degree with the Ofqual Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) achieved, having the logo and seal as appropriate.

    After the submission of the capstone assignments, the Level 7 in Strategic Management (or Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership) certificate is issued, duly signed and sealed by the accrediting organisation in the United Kingdom.

    At the successful completion of the research work, the MBA or MSc. degree is issued (by awarding university partner). There is no difference on your certificate with other full time learners earned on campus if you study on the distance learning option.

Accreditations and Partnership

EHA Scholarship award available

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