About Us

About Us

At Tufts Management School we focus on each student without prejudice. Your teachers are always available to guide and engage you in the learning process without boundaries.

The Tufts Management School is an educational community with a difference, we offer you a wide range of programmes, professional certification, exchange program, executive education, certifications in entrepreneurship, business and management related subject areas.

Tufts Management School is a world leading centre for management, information technology, entrepreneurship, leadership certifications and education.

Achieve top rank education and certification provider status; through strategic executive education and degree programs raising a community of professionals and exceptional industry leaders.

Our rich heritage is established in the combine effort of our students and faculty strengthening our pursuit towards professionalism, innovation, wit and quality.

The school also has a key external business facing role through the provision of consultancy services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and blue chip organisations.

In terms of learning and teaching our approach is distinctive when compared to that adopted by many universities and business schools.

We take pride in the supportive learning environment that we provide, and to us students are not just a ‘face in the crowd’. One way in which this is reflected is through avoiding mass lectures and instead focusing on relatively small group learning. We believe that this approach enables a more effective learning environment.

Therefore our interactive online study is the first among equal, with an international exchange program with our partner universities.

The Tufts Management School builds on the strong reputation that we have earned for delivering high-quality courses in a supportive and friendly environment.

Tufts Management School programmes are engaging and students have the opportunity of building world class network and businesses across the global through our interactive online and on-site Campus, which offers state of the art provision in a comfortable and attractive location.

Our programs are developed to school both the minds and hands of our students, turning students to world class skilled professionals with global perspective. As a student centered school we offer combined program, online programs and modular certification programs to best reflect your interests, requirements and work/life circumstances.

The most amazing feature is that our students can have international exposure and build business relationship through our exchange programs.

We have partnerships and affiliations which enrich our programs and certifications. Customised programs are designed for organisation flexible in-house professional development, engaging the mind and hands of both mid-level and senior management executive to increase effectiveness and efficiency on their job, taking their career further with globally proven management studies.